IP Valuation

Support for licensing, commercialisation or applying for funding from IP valuation

“An impartial view of the value of IP assets is beneficial in a wide range of situations. Valuation provides accurate and in-depth information for licensing, commercialisation or applying for funding, for example”, says IP lawyer Hannes Kankaanpää.

We conduct valuations on IP portfolios defined by our customer. The IP assets being evaluated typically include patents and patent applications – possibly also trademarks, utility models, software as well as technical documents considered business secrets.

We use both cost-based and market-based valuation methods in our assessment. We also evaluate the quality of the IP, such as the patenting process stage, geographical scope, scope of protection and protection period. As a result, you will receive an in-depth report and assessment of the valuation and strength of the IP in relation to others on the same market. However, our estimate based on commercial potential is not the same as the absolute price of the IP or licences, which is also influenced by many other factors, such as the company’s bargaining position and other circumstances.

“Impartial valuation gives you something to use in negotiations when there is a fact-based and justified price estimate of IP assets. Your company can take advantage of the report in licence pricing, corporate and business acquisitions as well as business development and planning”, Kankaanpää adds.

We always provide a quote on a case-by-case basis: the price is significantly influenced by the size and status of the IP portfolio being evaluated, the technology and the market. 2–4 weeks should be scheduled for the work.    


 IP valuation is beneficial in many situations, such as

  • Commercialisation, licensing or selling the IP. If you do not have a clear understanding of the typical pricing or potential royalties in the industry, our valuation service guarantees impartial and reliable statements on the value of IP assets.
  • Capital contributions. When you establish a spin-off company and want to utilise the IP of the original or another company, one option is a capital contribution. It involves contributing IP or a licence to the spin-off company or, for example, a start-up and being paid with shares instead of money. In this case, it is necessary to define a concrete value for the IP.
  • Applying for funding. It is useful for the financier to have a comprehensive understanding of the value of the IP assets in question.
  • Negotiations and justifying asking prices. When price proposals are clearly based on something instead of just being pulled out of thin air, it provides a better starting point for negotiations. Reasonable and clear justifications for asking prices and quotes make negotiations more worthwhile.

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