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Protecting your intellectual property is crucial to your company's success. We help you to make the most out of your brands, designs and technical solutions.

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Why is protection and acquiring intellectual property rights worthwhile?

  • What is good is copied. When you protect your rights you can defend them.

  • The winner establishes his position first. Protection means a spanner thrown in the competitor’s works.

  • Protection guarantees the business operations of your company, acts as its security, and convinces financiers.

  • It is not worthwhile to reinvent the wheel. You can gather valuable information on the level of technology of your particular field and utilise it in your own product development.

  • Protection helps you achieve the leading market position.

  • A strong IPR portfolio improves your bargaining position in matters concerning disputes and acquisitions.

  • A strong IPR portfolio builds a positive image and brand.

  • Protection expedites commercialization and marketing of products.

  • The input returns as a profit for your company. The holder of an exclusive right can sell licences.

  • An exclusive right is a medium of exchange. You can assign and acquire rights of use (cross licensing).

Why use the services of a patent attorney or trademark attorney?


Experience brings about certainty and insight. A competent patent or trademark attorney analyses information to the benefit of the customer and

  • supports making expedient IPR decisions

  • instructs to choose the most appropriate form of protection, or a combination of forms
  • optimises the target countries, routes to take, and costs on the basis of the invention and the company’s market situations, business strategy, goals and resources
  • is familiar with changing national and international legislation, regulations, requirements, and practices
  • finds the substantial protection bars and instructs to find the objects to protect
  • is able to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of protection as well as its scope
  • gathers information by means of which the company can monitor its competitors and defend itself against infringements, as well as avoid infringing rights of others
  • helps build a competitive IPR portfolio and gives recommendations on how to maintain it

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