Kolster China Desk™

Effectively & securely on the Chinese market

"We can offer your company the best China IP services in Finland and Europe. Kolster China Desk™ understands local practices and laws in China, and operates in the Chinese language. We have decades of experience of partnerships in China. We help both start-ups and big companies to set up, expand or protect their businesses across China," says Kolster's export.

"We will be your strategic business partner in IP issues. It is worth contacting us when planning and considering business operations in China. Together, we will develop a strategy for the registration of your trademarks and products in China and the end-to-end management of your patent, design right and copyright applications. Our specialists will also help you if your trademark has already been ‘snatched’. This is unfortunately common in China."

The Chinese Trademark Association CTA granted Kolster full membership in 2017.

"We are the first foreign member of the CTA to gain full membership. It's great that we have a direct channel for influencing the development of Chinese trademark law and practices. Our membership bears strong testimony to our long-term work and expertise in China."


1. Developing an IP strategy for the Chinese market, based on your business strategy.
2. Taking  care of the necessary registrations in China: patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, domain names, copyrights
3. Localization of  your trademarks and domain names for the Chinese market
4. Checking of  Chinese patent translations
5. Assisting in the resolution of registration invalidation and cancellation processes in China
6. We can perform rights registration analyses
7. Monitoring of new trademark applications by competitors
8. We take responsibility for the customs control of counterfeit products
9.  Consultation on China-related contractual matters
10. Investigating  issues related to Chinese law
11. We control and search for infringing products and gather evidence
12. We send warning letters to IP infringers, and handle conciliation negotiations and litigation

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Discussions between CEO Timo Helosuo, Kolster  & Managing Partner, Patent Attorney Stephen Yang,  Co-Talent Intellectual Property Firm (Beijing, China):

What should companies keep in mind when entering the Chinese market?
What are the biggest differences in IPR practices between China and the Western countries?
What actions is China taking to improve its IPR practices?
What IPR-related topics arise when companies select distributors for the Chinese market?
How to choose an appropriate Chinese name for a Western business or product?