Preliminary novelty searches & patentability assessment

We will identify the most productive features of your invention

Have you found out whether your invention resembles existing patents or publications?

"Surprisingly many firms have not done so. We conduct an preliminary novelty search before the patent application is drafted (at the latest), saving the customer time and money during R&D. Our patent attorney will find the most appropriate, overall solution for you, helping your business to find the most beneficial form of protection in addition to performing a novelty search," says Sini-Maaria Mikkilä, Head of Kolster Tampere.

Here's how to benefit from a preliminary novelty search:

  • We will identify the aspects of your invention that are novel and unique compared to the prior art.
  • We will also identify the protectable object and the most suitable form of protection.
  • Using an efficient search strategy, we will sift through publication databases and patent publications on your behalf.
  • We will identify the relevant barriers and evaluate which ones can be overcome.
  • After that, we will optimise the protection costs.
  • We will estimate the patentability of your invention.
  • We will issue a patentability statement and a proposal on how to move forward with the protection process.
  • Then, we will move on with your patent application.
  • We will help you to save time and money at the R&D stage.