Preliminary searches of trademarks (FTO analysis)

Determine your freedom to operate before launching a new product

Are you planning a name for your product? Before the product launch, we will evaluate whether the name has the prerequisites of a good trademark and whether it is already reserved or in use. Your business must not be jeopardised by any prohibitions of use, claims and or legal disputes.

"We ensure that our customers do not waste time and resources on a trademark that is already in use or does not meet the requirements of a good trademark. It’s worth contacting us at the earliest possible stage, i.e. as soon as you begin designing a trademark," says IP lawyer Heli Hietamies.                 

Trademarks are an important brand element of your business and products. Your choices matter to the scope and costs of your brand protection. We will help you to design and build a trademark strategy that supports your business strategy, and to choose the most suitable trade names and registration systems. It is easier to manage and defend a well-designed and carefully built trademark portfolio.

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