Protect R&D with a utility model

A utility model provides fast and inexpensive protection

Have you created an invention with a limited service life? Does your invention differ just slightly from an earlier one? The solution for you is a utility model, that is, a small patent that will protect the result of your R&D at less cost and faster than a full patent. It will also prevent competitors from entering the market with the same product.

Utility models are granted quickly. They are registered without a technical analysis and are valid for a shorter time than a patent, i.e. for a maximum of 10 years in Finland. Utility models can generally be registered within six months of filing the application, whereas the processing of a patent application can take 3–5 years.

Benefits of a utility model

  • A simpler, faster and more affordable application process than a patent
  • A lower inventiveness requirement than for patents
  • Particularly suitable for small inventions and device improvements, as well as inventions with a limited period of use