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Design patent protects the visual appearance of a product and complements the overall protection alongside copyrights, patents and trademarks. To ensure successful product-to-product protection, seek assistance from a competent IP-expert.

Protect your new design comprehensively in your company's key markets, nationally or globally. There are many alternatives to international protection, from national protection through the EU-design to the use of an international registration system.

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Price estimation

From 1 400-5 405 € (+VAT)

Ask for more accurate price proposal from here.

Price estimate for our main model product, for example 1-10 variations of the same model with one application. 

This is how we work

1. Analysis of the present status

Our experts are happy to have an initial discussion, where we map your need for the service and select work steps. We will select and produce images needed and, if necessary, instruct you or the image producers in constructing optimal product images for the applications. 

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