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Legalisation of Documents

Patent, trademark and design applications often need completion by filing signed transfer and power of attorney forms. Country-specific requirements vary, but for several countries, the signature must be certified and legalised by a Notary Public or a Consulate. Our expert service is pleased to assist you with the legalisation procedure, allowing you to concentrate on other business matters.

We co-ordinate legalisation of documents and signatures, obtain certification by Apostille or Consulate, or obtain copies of original documents certified and legalised in accordance with your needs. A requirement for having a signature legalised is that the signatory's right to sign a document on behalf of a company can be verified based on information available in the Finnish Trade Register. Thus, the signature of a private person cannot be legalised by our expert service.

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120 €

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Official fees and courier services are invoiced separately. The final price is based on the number of documents and legalisation needs.

This is how we work

1. Reviewing the assignment

We will analyse together the notarisation and legalisation requirements of your documents, settle a timeline and a suitable type of delivery of the legalised documents in accordance with your needs.

2. Legalisation

We will forward the documents to the Notary Public for legalisation, and further to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Consulate for sub-legalisation if required. The completed documents can be delivered to you or directly or to a foreign attorney's office, depending on the timeline.

3. Invoicing

We will send you an invoice as soon as the documents have been legalised and returned either to you or to the appointed receiver.

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The Notary Public is your best friend when suitable documents are otherwise not available. On behalf of our clients, we have asked the Notary Public to confirm that the same city can have a different name in different languages, for example, Parainen and Pargas, or that the country codes "SF", "FIN" and "FI" are identical. For any legalisation matters you may have, please contact us!

Lenita Lindroos, Senior IP Specialist, Global Paralegal Services

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