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Employment Inventions

The Employment Invention Act imposes rights and obligations on both employers and employees. At its best, a well-designed employment invention process encourages employees to create more intangible capital for your company.

We will help your company build best practices as well as the necessary documentation for the effective management of the employment invention process. We will ensure that your practice for processing invention notifications works efficiently and meets your business needs while ensuring compliance with statutory deadlines.

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This is how we work

1. Opening discussion

Before starting the assignment, we will map out the baseline situation. We will create best practices for your company to manage employee invention or update the existing employee invention process.

2. Creating an effective employment invention practice

We will define, update and customise the invention notification process for your company. Together we will go through the necessary work steps, practices, tools, and resources to proceed with the processing of invention notifications as desired. We will help implement the policy of recording invention notifications so that the documentation of the invention doesn't form too high a threshold, but the information necessary for decision-making is still available if necessary. We will draw up an employment invention code of conduct taking into account your industry and supporting your company's business strategy. If necessary, we will arrange training to introduce a new employment invention code of conduct in your company.

3. Updating the existing employment invention process and Employee Invention Policy

If your company already has an existing employment invention process, we will help you update it and, among other things, check compensation levels.

4. Evaluation and management of invention notices as a service

We will ensure that the invention notification contains all the necessary basic information. We will provide you with a general level proposal of protection for the invention. Additionally, we will conduct a novelty search or other suitable search or study either for inventions of your choice or for invention notifications that meet pre-agreed criteria. We will prepare a form or other procedure for registering invention notifications. Furthermore, we will receive, pre-process and evaluate invention notifications, make the necessary surveys and studies, and prepare and support decision-making. We will also manage comment and approval rounds as well as deadlines, and take care of necessary reminders as agreed.

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At its best, a well-constructed employment invention process serves as an incentive for the emergence of new valuable innovations.

Sanna Häikiö, Associate Partner, Counsel IP & Technology Law

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