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Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Reduce the risk of patents complicating or even preventing commercialisation of your product and ensure your Freedom to Operate (FTO) with our analysis. 


Reach out to us for a cost estimate.*

*The final price depends on the scope of the analysis.

Freedom to Operate analysis is a part of the risk management for your company, as it reduces risks of commercial operations. We will search for patents potentially covering your product in your current or planned market areas. We will give you a report that you can show to e.g. investors to demonstrate your intention in ascertaining the freedom to operate and avoiding patent infringements. 




"Freedom to Operate analysis provides facts to support decision-making. It can also be used in the R&D to develop the product so the risks for conflict are reduced. Detecting the potential risks beforehand also enables better preparation when the risks are realized."