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Infringement statements and scope of protection analysis

Our scope of protection analysis and infringement statements provide an expert's opinion when you suspect an infringement of your exclusive rights or your company is suspected of one.

If you suspect a patent, trademark or design infringement, or your company is accused of such, an evaluation by an experienced expert is valuable. With a professional opinion on the situation, you will be able to take further action. 

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Price estimation

1 000-2 500 €

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The price is always agreed on case by case, based on the estimated amount of work.

This is how we work

1. Situation analysis

We will go through particular patents, trademarks or designs of concern, possible contacts from the other party and reasons for the analysis. Additionally, we will settle on the content of our cooperation. In the case of making an infringement analysis, we will go through the key features of the product or service in question.

2. Analyzing the scope of protection and/or drafting the infringement statement

We will analyse the actual scope of protection of the patent, trademark or design. If needed, we will compare the scopes of protection in force in different countries. In the infringement statement, the expert provides their reasoned written analysis of whether the service or product infringes an immaterial right of the other party.

3. Reporting and suggestions for further actions

We will write a report and, if agreed upon, go through the results of the analysis and/or infringement statement with you. We will also suggest further actions suitable for the situation if needed.

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Ensuring Freedom to Operate and encountering suspected infringements are critical situations for businesses. To minimise the damages, it's important to carefully clarify the situation before taking any action.

Ossi Huhtanen, Partner, European Patent Attorney

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