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The Innovation voucher and IP service packages

The innovation voucher is financing provided by Business Finland (formerly Tekes) to SMEs and start-ups. It is intended for companies that need external expertise to advance their new product or service idea with international growth potential.



We have created IPR power packages that meet the most common needs in companies with a new product or service. Our service package is always tailored to your needs, and a patent or trademark application, for example, can be made with an innovation voucher. Our service packages: 

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1 000 € (+VAT)

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The value of the innovation voucher is 4 000 € (+VAT), and self-financing contribution 1 000 € (+VAT). With the innovation voucher, you can acquire Kolster's expert services for a total value of 5 000 € (+VAT).

This is how we work

1. Application phase

In the introductory discussion, we will map out your needs. Together we will go through which alternative Kolster services can be covered with the innovation voucher financing. If necessary, we will assist in preparing the application. However, the application must be submitted by the applicant for funding in Business Finland's electronic transaction service.

2. Starting the work

Once you have provided us with a copy of the positive funding decision, we will immediately begin completing the assignment.

3. Execution of the work

We will provide an estimate of the schedule required for the assignment and keep you informed of the progress of the work.

4. Reporting and invoicing

The beneficiary must prepare a final report in Business Finland's transaction service within 4 months of the expiry of the financing decision. We will complete the report, if necessary, and invoice the deductible from your company and the innovation voucher financing directly from Business Finland.

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With innovation voucher financing, you can acquire a wide range of services related to a new product or service. Contact us to discuss more!

Sanna Häikiö, Associate Partner, Counsel IP & Technology Law

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