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Invention disclosure evaluation

Our invention disclosure evaluation screens your invention disclosures and ensures their quality. Invention disclosures are handled by the due date, and you will have sufficient information well in time to decide whether or not to take the rights to the invention.

Our invention disclosure evaluation is tailored to your needs so that you can concentrate on the business side of decision making. We will ensure you have the process and tools for handling invention disclosures. We will help you guarantee that the invention disclosure has all the information needed and all the important aspects of the invention are covered sufficiently. If needed, we will help the inventor describe the invention. We will also make a preliminary evaluation of the patentability of the invention and the possible scope of protection. Additionally, managing commenting and approval rounds and a light database search for all inventions or inventions fulfilling predetermined criteria can be included in our service.

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Price estimation

250-750 € / invention disclosure

Ask for more accurate price proposal from here.

The price is always agreed on together, based on the agreed service level and estimated number of invention disclosures. Pricing based on a monthly fee is also possible. 

This is how we work

1. Kick-off meeting

We will review your current process and resources for handling invention disclosures. Together we will define the type and extent of the help you need and estimate a typical amount of invention disclosures. We will define the roles and interfaces of our cooperation, and agree on the pricing principles for the service. If needed, we will draft an invention disclosure form for you and determine the use of either current or new tools. 

2. Invention disclosure evaluation

We will make sure the invention is described in sufficient detail and that the invention disclosure has all the required information. We will help the inventor with filling in the invention disclosure form if needed. Additionally, we will conduct a preliminary patentability evaluation as agreed on, such as a light database search to support the evaluation.

3. Suggestions for further actions

We will give you a general suggestion on the protection alternatives for the invention and an opinion on whether the patentability prospects seem to support taking rights to the invention. We will make sure you have all the information needed for making the decision well before the due date.

4. Invention disclosure management (optional)

If you wish, we will help you define and update your invention disclosure handling process and manage your invention disclosures. In that case, we will manage commenting and approval rounds and due dates, and take care of necessary reminders in a previously agreed manner.

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