Asset building / Invention publication service

Invention publication service

Turn your invention into a novelty bar for your competitor! We will describe the invention or idea and publish it for you.

All available, published information prevents granting a patent. Publishing your invention stops your competitors from patenting similar inventions. This way you will secure the invested time and money for your benefit.

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Price estimation

800-1 200 €

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Publishing based on an existing invention description, including a publication license.

This is how we work

1. Review of the invention description

We will review the invention description based on the material sent by you. If there is no description available yet, we can  negotiate on describing the invention in an online meeting. This is an extra service, with an hourly based fee.

2. Writing the publication

We will analyse the invention description and write the publication text based on it.

3. Checking the publication proposal

We will send the publication proposal for your approval.

4. Publication and invoicing

We will publish the invention and report the publication back to you, including the invoice for the assignment.

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We can offer a quick and practical solution for your IPR needs. Be in touch, and we will harness our resources to help you and your organisation succeed!

Terhi Uusi-Vähälä, IP administrator, Global Paralegal Services

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