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Changes in IP Ownership

The information available in the patent, trademark and design registers is public. Both third parties as well as Authorities have the right to rely on the information provided. Even though a register update is not mandatory by law, it's always recommended.

We will take care of updating the registers for your patent, trademark and design rights. We will send you pre-filled documents with detailed signing instructions, and register the changes in both the Finnish and European Patent Offices (DK, DE, SE). The foreign registers are readily updated with the help of our worldwide attorney partner network.

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Pricing according to the IPR portfolio volume

Ask for more accurate price proposal from here.

The final price depends on volume, type of updates, chains of title and legalisation requirements.

This is how we work

1. Reviewing the need for registration

We will review with you the changes that have occurred and evaluate the need for register updates. We will advise you on the required documentation for updating the registers. We will agree on the timeline and suitable method for delivering the documents.

2. Registration process

We will send you pre-filled documents ready for signature and obtain necessary extracts from the Commercial Register. We will initiate the registration process at the Patent Authorities immediately upon receipt of the required documents. We will send you the certificates issued by the Patent Authorities showing the updated details.

3. Invoicing

The registration is invoiced as soon as the registration request has been forwarded to the Patent Authorities.

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We have extensive knowledge and experience in worldwide registrations for large IP Portfolios. If you wish to update the ownership for your IP rights, please contact us for an overview and consultation.

Lenita Lindroos, Senior IP Specialist, Global Paralegal Services

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