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IPR Strategy

IPR Strategy defines how your company’s IP assets should be managed. It is a plan to acquire, protect and exploit IP assets and leverage them to gain additional value for your company. IPR Strategy is the basis for future decision making in IPR-matters. It is worth drawing up even in small companies regardless of the industry.


Reach out to us for a cost estimate.*

*The final price depends on e.g. the technology in question, industry and business model, size of the IPR portfolio, and activeness of the IPR environment.

IPR Strategy will help your company succeed. We will clarify the strategic significance of IPR and set the top IPR priorities to support the development of your business. IPR Strategy will provide guidelines for running the IPR activities of your company cost-effectively and in a value-adding manner. The importance of IPR Strategy is evident in financing rounds, as a properly managed IPR portfolio increases the value of your company.


"How do you acquire, protect and utilize intangible assets? A well laid out IPR strategy defines how your company manages its intangible assets and how these assets generate value for your company."