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IPR as a service

We offer you IPR resources – scalable to your business needs – without having to worry about headcount or fixed costs. Outsourcing the administrative work to our experts allows you to skip the investments needed in recruiting new personnel. Our know-how of various IPR tools and processes is at your service. 

Depending on your needs, our team of experts takes into their custody certain steps or the entirety of the IPR administrative process. For a monthly fee set together with you, we will help you with any number of tasks ranging from preparing applications and official documents to reporting and follow-up of the application process, managing payments, and taking a special focus on any task requiring attention. 

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Price estimation

110-160 €/h

Ask for more accurate price proposal from here.

The final price depends on the required resources and the length of the contract.

This is how we work

1. Analysis of the present status

We will list together which tasks and responsibilities will be part of the agreement, and what are the focus points and key goals for the cooperation. We will offer practical advice and alternative operative models based on our expertise.

2. Mapping the required tools and ways of working

We will review the IPR tools available and go through the administrative process in use. We will agree on the working practices and list the key stakeholders. If your organisation doesn't have an IPR portfolio management system, we are happy to offer a toolset to start with.

3. Follow-up and reporting

We will define the follow-up and reporting practices and agree on the meeting arrangements together.

4. Invoicing

We will agree on the invoicing practices and the monthly service package coverage. You can extend or update the agreement flexibly, in case there are any changes in your resource needs over time.

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It’s important for us to develop our services together with our clients. To be able to help you in your everyday IPR matters is a part of our DNA and the source of our motivation. We believe fluent communication and seamless cooperation is the success factor you need for efficient, professional IPR solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

Salla Lamberg

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