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IPR coaching and workshops

Are you tired of gathering scattered IPR information or being unsure how to take the theory into practice? Our workshops and training are tailored to your needs, to help you utilise your IPRs optimally.

In tailored coaching or workshops, we will focus on the issues most critical to your company and use examples of your operations. As the commitment to jointly planned actions is high, your time is used efficiently.

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Price estimation

1 000 € / half-day training

Ask for more accurate price proposal from here.

The final price is set on the basis of the duration and type of the training.

This is how we work

1. Kick-off meeting

We will go through your organisation's targets for the training or workshop together. Among several options, we can coach you to find your opportunities in the field of IPR, arrange training tailored for a specific unit or function within your organisation, or define ways to identify inventions in your product development processes. 

2. Arranging training or a workshop

We will arrange training or workshops with the content and schedule as previously agreed upon.

3. Reflecting

We will take a final look at how things went: did we reach the set target, and has there been a change in your operations as expected? We will also plan the next steps in utilising IP if needed.

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