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IPR Due Diligence

IPR Due Diligence provides valuable information for decision-making in various transactions – whether for M&A or financing purposes.

Reach out to us for a cost estimate.*

*The final price depends on the scope of the assignment.

Our technical IPR Due Diligence process is designed to support in M&A as well as in fundraising processes. We provide IPR valuation and assess IPR portfolio coverage and opportunities it may create, as well as other questions relevant for transactions. Our Global Paralegal Services takes care of relevant assignments and recordals after M&A transaction. The service is available in various modules, of which we can tailor a service package suitable for your needs. Our simple package prices help in making prompt decisions. We also offer IPR services for a monthly fee for temporary or permanent outsourcing needs. 


"Fact-based information about your IPRs is the basis for a realistic valuation."