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Preliminary novelty searches & evaluation of patentability

Is your invention really new, or does someone already have a patent for it? Preliminary novelty search finds relevant patent publications and evaluates the novelty of an invention, and patentability search evaluates its patentability.


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With novelty search, we determine whether the invention resembles previous patent publications and search for relevant obstacles to protection. To find out whether applying for a patent is worthwhile and to focus the protection on the parts that can be protected, we will scan your invention for new and unique features compared to already known solutions. In the process, we will obtain information on already patented solutions, which can be used in your product development phase. Additionally, patentability search looks for patent combinations that could become obstacles to patenting. The searches help you save time and money as early as in the product development phase. 


"We have long experience and the best commercial databases for conducting novelty studies and patentability studies in all technology areas."