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Prior art search

The prior art search is used to map known solutions in the field of your invention by using patent databases. You will get a comprehensive view of what competing companies have tried to protect in the field of your invention. Results of the prior art search can also be used to analyse protection possibilities and freedom to operate risks of your invention.

The prior art search produces ideas for your innovation processes and developing your inventions. With the results, you will be able to innovate, assess the protection of your invention or analyse risks of freedom to operate. The prior art search can be performed before a final form of the invention is exactly known, i.e. when the invention is at the stage of an idea.

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Price estimation

Starting from 1 500 € 

Ask for more accurate price proposal from here.

The final price depends on the invention.

This is how we work

1. Defining the invention

We will go through the invention together orally and/or with documents and pictures. Based on our discussion, the essential features of your invention are defined and used in the patent database search.

2. Search and analysis

We will create a search profile based on the main features of the invention and perform a database search. We will analyse the search results in relation to your invention.

3. Reporting and recommendations for further actions

We will prepare a report listing publications that are closest to your invention and analyse them in relation to your invention. We will give our recommendations for possible further actions. We can also have a meeting for going through the results together. 

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