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Trademark searches

Make sure beforehand to secure the registration of your trademark and avoid infringing other parties' rights. 

Our preliminary trademark search results and report provide you with a strong basis for your trademark application. We will find out whether your trademark has already been registered by another party. If earlier similar trademark registrations are found, you will have the chance to assess the possible risks of filing an application or to design a new trademark. This way you will save time and money. 

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This is how we work

1. Getting started

Get it touch when planning your new trademark. Together we will decide on further actions.

2. Executing the preliminary search

We will review the trademark databases of the countries and areas where you are planning to register your trademark. We use state of the art software with which the preliminary searches are conducted in a cost-efficient manner. You will be provided with a comprehensive analysis of the status of your trademark in the relevant markets.

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