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Trademark can be the most valuable asset of your company. It connects you in consumer minds to the goods and services that you provide as well as builds and protects your brand and business against competitors and counterfeits. At its best, a trademark is an eternal protection.

A registered trademark holds high economic value. To ensure effective trademark protection, leaving the registration to an expert is recommended. It's simple and effective: register, watch and defend your sole right and enjoy the profit. Take advantage of the best TM prosecution team of the year 2020 (Managing Intellectual Property, MIP)!

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Price estimation

Starting from 200 €

Ask for more accurate price proposal from here.

The price depends on where the mark is to be protected, as well as how many classes are included in the application.

This is how we work

1. Analysis of the present status

Invest in expert services. Our Trademark Attorney will draft the application and classification for you, which define the scope of protection for the mark. Incorrectly or carelessly drafted applications will not protect your business properly.

2. "The best prosecution team 2020" (Managing Interllectual Property MIP)

Our Kolster Trademark Team is internationally recognised.

3. Trademark registration

Trademark registration is the cornerstone of branding and protects your business in your market area. 

4. Watch, defend and use your trademark rights

The registered mark should be used in the same exact form as registered. Monitoring the trademark registers as well as the activities of your competitors is essential. Defend your registered rights whenever needed.

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Trademark registration is the property of your company. The registered right should be watched and defended. If you're using your trademark and take care of the renewals of the registration, your sole right to the mark is strong and eternal.

Kristiina Kaislisto, Associate Partner, European Trademark and Design Attorney

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