Asset building / IPR valuation

IPR valuation

IPR valuation is a non-biased expert analysis of the value of your company's IPR. A valuation can be done of the entirety of your IPR portfolio or focusing on its particular area or technology. 

You receive a thorough analysis of your IPR portfolio with insights from e.g. economic, quality and risk perspectives. The information can be used as grounds for decision making and several business purposes.

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Price estimation

Typically 6.000-15.000€ (+VAT)

Ask for more accurate price proposal from here.

This is how we work

1. Kick-off meeting

We will collect background information and have a kick-off meeting with you to get as much facts and data as possible for basis of valuation. The data needed relates to R&D efforts, technology underlying the IPR, products and business relevant to the IPR.

2. Analysis and valuation

We will evaluate the quality of the IPR and potential risks related to markets, technology and IPR. We will make financial calculations and modelling in order to estimate the value of the IPR.

3. Reporting

We will deliver you a comprehensive report of the valuation work. If needed, we may also have a final meeting with you to walk through the valuation report and discuss about the methods and results.

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IP valuation enables Sisu Auto to have a stronger balance sheet and better conditions for growth, as well as the sale of licenses to local partners on the export market at the right price. It also contributes to securing new partnerships and forms of funding.

Timo Korhonen, Chairman of the Board, Oy Sisu Auto Ab

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