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“We were honored to have Hunan IPO in Finland”, says CEO Timo Helosuo


Kolster is well-known for its excellent relationships and consistent, long-term cooperation with Chinese IP-officials and authorities. The active collaborating culminated with a delegation from Hunan Intellectual Property Office (IPO) visiting Kolster headquarters in Helsinki in June for a joint meeting.

The meeting was held to e.g. discuss commercializing IPRs, and to strengthen the existing relationships between Kolster and the Chinese IP-authorities.

China is one of the leading countries in the field of IP-industry. Due to industrial shifts and business growth, the amount of branch offices of Chinese IP agencies has rapidly increased in the Hunan province. This has contributed to the considerable increase in the amount of filed trademark applications. In 2017, 138 400 trademark applications were filed in the Hunan province, increasing the number by 57.64 % compared to the previous year. The number of filed patent applications in 2017 climbed up to 77 934, out of which 37 916 patents were granted.

“Since the establishment of Kolster China Desk™, we have been actively working towards cultivating mutual trust and friendship with China. This meeting with the Hunan IPO is exceptionally substantial for both parties, since it demonstrates what a meaningful relationship Kolster and Chinese IP-authorities have established”, states Kolster CEO Timo Helosuo.

As one of the most populous provinces in China, Hunan has experienced a major growth in the amount of delegations, provincial officials, media, and business. Following the lead of the Shenzhen Government, Hunan IP office has started funding companies to boost IP development and protections. Last year alone they financed 4.78 million euros for several companies.

Topics discussed during the meeting with Hunan IPO and Kolster included commercializing IPRs, and patent application procedures in EPO and Finland. Kolster was also warmly invited to visit Hunan Intellectual Property Office by Mr. Zhixiong Duan, upon their next visit to China.

Kolster China Desk™ holds a strong position in the Chinese IP-industry, widely recognized by Chinese IP officials and authorities. Vast expertise and networks, in addition to decades of experience of partnerships in China, grants Kolster understanding of local practices and laws. Kolster is also the first foreign member of The Chinese Trademark Association (CTA) to gain a full membership in the association.