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“Inspiring and useful!” The big picture in IPR encouraged dialogue


October 7, 2019

The challenges of commercialisation surfaced as the top issue at Kolster’s 145th anniversary celebration. Participants could easily check the direction of their own company and have discussions based on the results of the IPR and innovation survey carried out by Kolster and market research company Taloustutkimus.

Ari Malkasaari, Valmet Technologies Oy

Ari Malkasaari_Valmet Technologies

“The best thing about the day was the opportunity to have a dialogue with others. We are constantly wrestling with IPR issues, and today’s event confirmed that we are heading in the right direction. Many of the results from the study conducted by Kolster and Taloustutkimus can also be applied to one’s own company, offering interesting things to consider.”

Jussi Salo, ABB Oy Motors & Generators

 Jussi Salo_ABB

“The day left a really good vibe. I represent a technology company, and this was very interesting and topical for me: I am constantly trying to find an angle for commercialising innovations. There are no simple solutions, but it is really important to reflect on them. I was left with a few good ideas brewing up, and it was worth it to come just for those alone.”

Stiina Löytömäki, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Jussi Ilvonen, Ornamo Art and Design Finland

Stiina Löytömäki_TEM_Jussi Ilvonen_Ornamo

“What a well-organised networking event! I represent a public authority and listened with great interest to the opinions of companies and the IP sector. The authorities were also mentioned a couple of times – and I understand the criticism for slowness well as legislation is always lagging behind. But it was very interesting to hear what entrepreneurs think about IPR issues.”                                                                                                                                               

“I represent Ornamo, an expert organisation for design professionals. The figures presented in the survey were very similar to those in our field, where companies are small limited liability companies or proprietorships. It was interesting to hear that large companies seem to be facing a comparable situation. It was definitely worth participating and spending here this day! What I was left wondering about in Toni Nijm’s presentation is that if only 2% of patents worldwide lead to commercial success, that is a terribly low number!”

Hannu Lindfors, Konecranes Global Oy

Hannu Lindfors_Konecranes

“The day provided a lot of food for thought. The story of Tamro, in particular, stuck in my mind: it reminded me how important it is to look at things more broadly and see the opportunities beyond your usual horizon. I can’t say what this could be for my company, but I have many thoughts running through my mind. Shaking things up like this is very beneficial.”

Maisa Leppänen, Line Carrier Oy

Maisa Leppänen_Line Carrier

“I represent a B2B telecommunications company, and we provide Kolster with mobile and exchange services. It was interesting to consider what IPR could mean for us. Although we also have plans for internationalisation, this issue may not have been properly addressed.”

Katja Jensen, Svea

Katja Jensen_Svea

“All in all a terrific day! I got a lot of ideas to bring to my workplace. There is much to be done with these issues. It was good to hear views at somewhat different kind of a forum. We are living in a time of such change that one must not be lulled into thinking “been there, done that” about innovations! It is good to have a reminder of the big picture every now and then.”

Kaj Häggman, OP

Kaj Häggman_OP

“I enjoyed this day immensely. The presentations were great from start to finish, and our table discussion was very inspiring. Sometimes it is good to note how similar problems companies have even if they are in different industries. I myself run an IPR project at our company, and I got some good material here to take to our leadership as well. Very useful information!”

Juha Leppänen, Vere Oy

Juha Leppänen_Vere

“My main job is business design, which is precisely what was discussed all day today. I got to hear many people talk about exactly what our business is all about: commercialising innovations. We help companies transform their business or build and commercialise completely new concepts and services. It was really interesting to hear about a Finnish survey on this topic, reinforcing the notion of how much there is still to do.”


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