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June 4, 2018

What is happening with intellectual property rights and the IP field in China?

Managing Partner, Patent Attorney Stephen Yang, Co-Talent Intellectual Property Firm (Beijing, China), visited Kolster in May 2018. Our CEO Timo Helosuo interviewed Mr Yang about the latest IP developments and their impact especially for the Western companies.  

See the video clips and how Stephen Yang answered to the following questions:

What should companies keep in mind when entering the Chinese market?

ChinaInsights-May2018_what-to-keep-in-mind (1) (1)


What are the biggest differences in IPR practices between China and the Western countries?

ChinaInsights-May2018_differences-in-practices (1)-1


What actions is China taking to improve its IPR practices?



What IPR-related topics arise when companies select distributors for the Chinese market?


How to choose an appropriate Chinese name for a Western business or product?

ChinaInsights-May2018_chinese-name-for-company (1)-1


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Managing Partner, Patent Attorney Stephen Yang

Stephen YangStephen Yang is a patent attorney and managing partner of Co-Talent Intellectual Property Firm. He began to practice IP law in 1997. Stephen was educated in both China and Canada. He worked in private practice in China and in-house in Canada. He gained a unique perspective in providing his legal services to clients.

Specialties: Patent search, infringement analysis, patent application drafting, prosecution, reexamination, invalidation and litigation in a wide variety of technical fields, particularly general machines, energy and high tech areas, design application prosecution, reexamination and invalidation; IP generation, IP strategy and portfolio management.