Monitoring, protection and litigation / Counterfeit products: Kolster Market Watch™ and Customs Surveillance

Counterfeit products: Kolster Market Watch™ and Customs Surveillance

Effective actions against counterfeit products are a vital part of defending your IP rights. A counterfeit product is an imitation of the original branded product, harms your brand and can even be lethal. 

Kolster's anti-counterfeiting team is the most experienced and largest in Finland. We have successfully assisted our clients in the fight against counterfeit products for decades, and represent several of the most valuable global brands in anti-counterfeiting matters in Finland. Our Kolster Market Watch™ monitors that your brand is not infringed. Our service detects and removes counterfeit products or any other infringing products efficiently from the Finnish market. You will also gain valuable information regarding your brand and your products in the Finnish market.

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This is how we work

1. Assessing your needs

We will assess your current situation and plan an effective enforcement strategy of your IP rights against counterfeiting.

2. Effective actions against counterfeit products

When we detect counterfeit products through Customs surveillance or the Kolster Market Watch™, we will handle the whole process efficiently from start to finish.

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The fight against poor quality and potentially dangerous counterfeit products is vital for the protection of the brand and consumers.

Maria Ojala, IP Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney

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