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Dispute resolution and legal proceedings

Do you need assistance in IPR dispute resolution? Defending immaterial property rights is an essential part of IPR operations. Conflicts may, at worst, lead to significant economical lost. However, when handled well, they can open up possibilities to strengthen your position in the market.


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*The final price depends on the scope of the assignment.

An IPR conflict may relate to an infringement of a patent, a trademark or a design right, for example. Or the case may be of defending against cancellation claims. Or perhaps you have become aware of registrations of others that hinder your business? Questions of unfair business practises may also pertain to the conflict. In such situations it is important to find a solution efficiently in order to keep on your business without interruptions.  

We assist in all actions that the solving of the conflict calls for, such as preparing legal analysis of the situation and representing you in negotiations and in proceedings of alternative dispute resolution as well as in trials. For example, in legal proceedings concerning patent disputes in the Market Court in Helsinki or in the Unified Patent Court (UPC) our lawyers co-operate with our experienced patent attorneys so that you are able to benefit from our extensive expertise in its entirety. We have the specialized experience and competence required to trials in Finland whether the case relates to patents, trademarks, models or domain names, for example. We assist in trials in Finland and with the assistance of our international partner network also internationally.