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Background check for Finnish or Chinese companies

Are you planning cooperation with a new Chinese or Finnish partner? Ordering products from a new seller, establishing a joint venture or having a new partner resell your products safely require a trustworthy partner. We can help you choose. 



Reach out to us for a cost estimate.*

*The final price depends on the scope of the assignment.

In addition to our activities in Finland and Europe, we have vast experience of working in China, an excellent network of local service providers and a Kolster office in Shenzhen. Due to language and cultural barriers, it can be difficult to verify the data provided for you. We will check the backgrounds of your potential partners, such as has their company been properly established and does the registered information correspond to how they describe their activities and experiences themselves. Choosing the right partner is essential when entering a new market, whereas a wrong choice can cause various difficulties and cost large sums of money.



"With 5000 handled IP cases, we are one of the most experienced experts handling IP related matters to China."