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IP Personal Trainer

You can always turn to your IP Trainer, whether to check on some details with a quick phone call or to consider IPR assets required for convincing investors and conquering the world.

Kolster IP Trainer is an expert who is familiar to you, familiar with your company and has all Kolster's expertise and know-how in their toolbox. The scale of our IP Trainer service is always adapted to your needs, and cooperation is smooth. Our IP Trainer asks the right questions and ensures that IPR-rights are at your company's service in the best possible way.

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This is how we work

1. Kick-off meeting

We will get to know each other and your company. We will map out your goals and aspirations, how we can make IPR work for you in achieving these objectives, and what is the most convenient way for us to keep in contact with you. 

2. Determining and taking care of the most urgent matters

We will determine and take care of the most urgent matters and, if required, put out fires. We will begin our cooperation and build the IPR foundations for your company, whether it means filing trademark or patent applications, composing contracts or something else required at the beginning of establishing a business. 

3. Eyes on the future

We will be there whenever you need us. Our IP trainer responds to messages promptly or builds your IPR strategy with you. Our IP Trainer services will grow together with you from receiving your business identity code to a potential global success story. You can leave IPR to us and focus on the essentials of your business instead. 

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