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At the turn of the decade, Kolster and customer innovations share the same goal and direction: international, environmentally friendly and efficient


January 7, 2020

Kolster is a rarity in the Finnish business arena. The 145-year age of the family company is not a coincidence, but the result of long-term work and professional skill. Perseverance and expertise continue to be needed as the number of innovations is declining and competition on the market is becoming fiercer. More responsibility is required from IPR operators as environmental and climate issues have become a permanent part of the IPR industry’s agenda, writes Kolster’s CEO Timo Helosuo.

The year 2019 challenged our IPR professionals, but also included many successes and insights. In the following, I highlight some memorable moments and themes.

1. Kolster is a global IPR operator

The number of innovations declined throughout the year, but we grew and strengthened our position in Finland, Europe and Asia. I can proudly say that we are now a genuinely global operator. Our international expansion has taken place through our customers and, in addition to Finland, our assignments come from countries such as Germany, China and Russia.

2. We want to make the most of the commercialisation of innovations

The focus of our customers has shifted strongly from “mere” patent registration to the commercialisation and scaling of innovations. I think that development is moving exactly in the right direction, but at the same time, it requires increasingly focused customer work from us. There is a need to consider more broadly how to make patents thrive and be productive internationally. For example, is it possible to license the patent or how can you make the most of trademark registration?

3. Environmental and climate issues have become a permanent part of the IPR industry

This is reflected, above all, in the content of our work. It is our job to make innovations available to people. New inventions are almost invariably more environmentally friendly and efficient than old ones. Without patenting, innovations stay in the desk drawers of inventors and new, better products are left unmade. Patents create trust. The entire IPR industry has a great responsibility in building a cleaner and healthier world. Kolster has never shirked responsibility, and will not be doing that now either.

4. Behind our success are our IPR professionals

Kolster’s most important strength is our seasoned IPR professionals, who always do their work in a customer-oriented manner. Over the past year, 12 new intellectual property experts have joined our ranks. The commercialisation of innovations requires understanding the business of customers and curiosity towards new things. We want every Kolster employee to enjoy their work and have the best possible tools and professional expertise. In 2019, we launched lean and service design training for personnel that streamlines work and is visible to customers as better quality in services.

5. International recognition warms the heart

Causes for celebration at Kolster during the past year have included several international recognitions. I am proud of our team and the fact that we can demonstrate our expertise through our customers. We received recognition, for example, in the World’s Leading Trademark Professionals WTR 1000 review, we were the most recommended international IP firm of 2019 in China and our expertise was ranked in the highest tier 1 category in the international MIP IP Stars interview study, in which we were also awarded special recognition as the “Prosecution Firm of the Year 2019”.

I am looking forward to the year 2020 with enthusiasm. We have new service products, for example, in trademarks, top professionals in the team and a more efficient way of operating in a customer-oriented manner. Versatility, internationality and openness to new things will continue to be our strengths also in the coming year!

Wishing you an inspiring new year 2020!

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