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Kolster’s awarded again in China: The best international IP agency


January 22, 2020

Kolster was rewarded already for the second time as the most recommended international IP firm in China. The winner was selected based on the ranking of China Intellectual Property Magazine, which is the most influential IP ranking in China. 

The award was granted at the China Annual IP Forum conference and it means that Kolster is being recommended already for the second time as the best international IP partner for Chinese companies.

“The competition on the market is fierce, so it is great that our China expertise was once again raised to the top. Thanks to the Kolster China Desk™ and our extensive networks, our cooperation with the Chinese IP authorities is state-of-the-art and we are continuing to develop it further with determination”, China Desk IP Specialist and Business Development Manager Zhangping Wu says.

The steady increase in the number of patent applications indicates the desire of Chinese companies to expand to the European market. The country is also increasingly investing in the reform of IP regulations, including through increased charges for IP infringement to reduce trademark hijacking.

The recognition awarded to Kolster also guarantees better conditions for Finnish companies to succeed in China.

“IP is much more than filing a trademark or patent application. You need to think about the future and create a solid IPR strategy. We are constantly up to date with the latest IPR trends so that we can create the best IPR strategies for our customers both in Europe and China.”

The China Annual IP Forum conference provides summaries and forecasts of developments and highlights in China’s IP industry, such as protection of artificial intelligence and 5G innovations, reforming trademark law, and emerging IP courts. As one of the top IP conferences in China, the event attracts high-calibre participants from Germany, the United States and Japan, among others.

Kolster received its award as the best IP firm in the presence of about 200 leading IP experts, corporate decision-makers and IP court representatives. The ranking of China Intellectual Property Magazine is comparable to the Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) IP Stars ranking, which is the most prestigious IP industry ranking in the world.

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