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WTR1000 ranks Kolster as one of the leading professionals for trademark prosecution, strategy and dispute resolution ─ special mention to Joose Kilpimaa and Jani Kaulo


February 25, 2020

In February 2020, World Trademark Review published the results of its annual WTR1000 study of trademark industry professionals. Kolster continues to be one of the world's leading experts in brand protection and strategy work. For the second year running, Kolster was also recognized for its expertise in dispute resolution.

The WTR1000 study has established its place as an independent assessor of the trademark industry, ranking the best trademark professionals from over 80 countries ─ now for the tenth time. In the 2020 study, clients and international partners described Kolster’s service and IP expertise as follows:

“You will benefit from Kolster’s valuable services tremendously. Responsive and pragmatic, the team also follows its fee schedule to the letter and keeps clients looped in on any updates.”

Special mention was given to Kolster’s trademark experts Joose Kilpimaa, who heads the trademark team, and Jani Kaulo, who was recognized for his work in anti-counterfeiting and his IP expertise with the Asian markets.

Joose Kilpimaa was praised for his “deep knowledge and professional attitude”, which has landed him a spot on the International Trademark Association’s (INTA) Non-Traditional Marks committee. Legislation already allows the registration of non-traditional trademarks, such as holograms, moving images, sounds or colours. The practices surrounding these, however, are only just taking form and require international collaboration.  

Global brand owners value Jani Kaulo’s expertise in the fight against counterfeiting and in the defence of rights. He is also commended for his expertise in crafting strategies for western brands looking to cement themselves in Asia. “Jani has a solution to any problem. His rich experience, effective communication and practical advice set him apart from other attorneys.”

Recognition for defence of trademark rights and dispute resolution

Traditionally, the core competence of Kolster’s trademark team has been the effective management of international trademark portfolios. In recent years, IPR commercialisation, the defence of rights and strategic partnerships from start-ups to large companies have made up a significant share of client work.

For the second year in a row, the WTR1000 study listed Kolster in the category "Enforcement and Litigation", in addition to the "Prosecution and Strategy" category, where it has traditionally performed strongly. Kolster is the sole Finnish IP firm, alongside attorney-at-law firms, in the "Enforcement and Litigation" category. 

Three licensed legal counsels currently operate in Kolster’s Legal and Trademark Unit. Jani Kaulo, Heli Hietamies and Hannes Kankaanpää are IP lawyers, who, like attorneys-at-law, are entitled to represent their clients before the general courts. In addition, Master of Laws (trained on the bench) Sini Petsalo from Kolster’s Kuopio unit can also act as a licensed legal counsel.

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Our trademark professionals and lawyers:

Joose Kilpimaa
Associate Partner, Head of Trademarks, European Trademark Attorney
+358 41 501 4507

Jani Kaulo
Partner, European Trademark and Design Attorney, Licensed Legal Counsel
+358 40 637 5442

Heli Hietamies
IP Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney, Licensed Legal Counsel
+358 20 137 0625

Kristiina Kaislisto
Associate Partner, European Trademark and Design Attorney
+358 50 524 2416

Juha Myllyoja
Associate Partner, IP Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney
+358 50 511 1946

Maria Ojala
IP Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney
+358 40 669 0527

Hilkka Kerminen
European Trademark and Design Attorney
+358 40 632 6325

Leena-Maija Marsio
Director, Legal and Trademarks, Master of Laws
+358 50 516 9367

Sanna Häikiö
Associate Partner, Counsel, IP & Technology Law
+358 40 532 2511

Hannes Kankaanpää
Counsel, IP & Technology Law, Licensed Legal Counsel
+358 40 920 8703


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