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Kolster’s Partner Jani Kaulo appointed as one of the four members of the new ECTA China Task Force


28th January, 2019

Partner Jani Kaulo’s rich experience working with China related trademark matters, was recognized by his appointment as one of the newly established ECTA China Task Force members.

Kolster Partner Jani Kaulo was appointed to the European Communities Trade Mark Association’s (ECTA) newly established China Task Force in December 2018. ECTA is the most significant trademark association in Europe. Kaulo is now one of the four IP experts in the European region influencing the Task Force.

“Becoming a member of this Task Force gives an opportunity for European businesses to make their voices heard in China. We will actively ask our clients to participate in providing their comments and informing us of their concerns regarding brand protection issues in China”, Jani Kaulo says.

ECTA promotes the knowledge and professionalism of members and owners alike in the fields of trademarks, design, copyright, and other Intellectual Property rights, within the European Union. The China Task Force is to help European Commission give statements and to engage in dialogue with Chinese officials on development projects in trademark legislation.

“The ECTA China Task Force and Kolster’s membership as a European IP law firm in the China Trademark Association (CTA) are both excellent forums for influencing Chinese law makers”, Kaulo says.

The Task Force membership enables Mr. Kaulo to take into account Chinese brand-owner interests in the European market, and to address the challenges and problems Chinese brands are facing in Europe, for example the current weak recognition of Chinese language trademarks in the EU. Due to his experience in working with Chinese brand-owners in the European Union, Mr. Kaulo recognizes the need for IP dialogue aimed at mutual benefits between stakeholders in Europe and China.

The ECTA Council has identified China as one of the top five jurisdictions outside Europe where ECTA should focus its efforts by following and contributing to respective ongoing IP dialogues. China has become the most important foreign country for trademarks from the perspective of business stakeholders in the EU.

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