Nina Virolainen

Nina Virolainen

“The IP sector rewards with continuous learning and by posing new challenges to solve.”

Nina Virolainen joined Kolster in early 2017 as a patent agent specialising in chemistry and biotechnology. She became familiar with IP protection due to being involved in several patents as the inventor during her research career, and was so intrigued by the field that she moved to working with patenting full-time.

Prior to her career as a patent agent, Nina has had years of experience in R&D in the development and implementation of innovative solutions and processes in biotechnology and environmental technology and in project management, both as a university researcher and in a startup.

Her core area of expertise is the protection of processes and solutions in the fields bioenergy, cleantech and the biotechnological applications of microbes.

IP expertise

  • Patenting process from drafting the patent application to its granting
  • Novelty searches and preliminary evaluations, assessments of freedom to operate
  • Employee inventions: evaluation of invention reports

Technical expertise

  • Biotechnology, environmental biotechnology and molecular biology
  • Bioenergy and cleantech
  • Microbiology, genetically modified microbes and microbial technology applications
  • Biochemistry, cell biology and protein chemistry
  • In vitro diagnostics, assay technology and immunochemistry
  • Process technology and hydrometallurgy

Client industries

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Energy
  • Life sciences
  • Health care
  • High tech
  • Natural resources
  • Pharmaceuticals & medical products
  • Utilities / cleantech

IPR sector memberships

  • Finnish Association for Corporate Patent Agents
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