Our clients are innovative leaders

Our clients are leaders in their own fields — domestic start-up companies and SMEs, major global companies, universities and organisations, as well as private individuals. Our long-term client relationships are an indication of the quality of our service and of the trust that we enjoy.


OP raised the bar for innovation and IPR activities and develops the future of financial technologies in pole position


OP Financial Group and its innovation unit OP Lab break down the myth that patenting can’t be used to protect innovative financial services. Results are achieved when innovation and awareness of IPR are embedded in the organisation’s DNA and strategy. OP Lab mobilises new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchains and biometrics to serve the financial sector, while patent partner Kolster helps refine inventions into new business opportunities. Read more


Contracts and IP rights to serve the entrepreneur – the fairy dreamland of Pomenia gained international wings

Pomenia_Lohikäärme Sisu lentää_Seikkailu alkaa

During her long career, Petronella Grahn, the fairytale artist behind the magical world of Pomenia, has realised that her most valuable assets are intellectual property rights. When an artist can retain the rights to own ideas with the help of IP registrations and well-thought-out contracts, even the grandest of visions can become reality. Read more


Stop wasting natural resources! Finn Recycling regenerates industrial waste sand for reuse

Finn Recycling_regenerated sand_Patents

Did you know that sand is the second most-consumed natural resource in the world after water? Finn Recycling developed a technology that makes it possible to purify, regenerate and recycle industrial waste sand for reuse in foundries, power plants and the building materials industry. The global business potential is in the order of billions. The IPR and patent portfolio built with Kolster is now growing in value as the innovation makes its commercial breakthrough. Read more


Maria 01 is growing into Europe’s leading startup and technology cluster through brand building

Maria 01_Startup campus Helsinki_Trademarks

The growth company campus Maria 01 has quickly become one of the largest startup clusters in the Nordic countries. The next goal is to grow into Europe’s leading meeting place for technology companies, private equity investment firms and startup ecosystem players. When the pace of action is high, the IPR partner must also be able to respond quickly. Read more


Centria University of Applied Sciences outlined its IPR practices and is commercialising the results for the benefit of local businesses

Centria_Tutkimus- ja kehitys_16x9

Centria, Finland's most international university of applied sciences, is aiming to provide businesses in the region with increased access to the intellectual property and innovations produced in its research and development projects. As an IPR and legal partner, Kolster helped Centria establish clear IPR practices and clarify their commercialisation strategy. Read more


Producing high-quality local food for pets is Dagsmark Petfood’s eco-action

Dagsmark Petfood_Laura Strömberg_8609

What is Dagsmark Petfood’s brand made of? Transparent production, traceable raw materials, a small carbon pawprint, domestic origin, and researched health effects. Love for pets is sealed with IPR protection to secure future growth. Read more


The most valuable components of SISU® special vehicles are IPR and brand

Sisu Auto_Sisu Auto Trucks

“SISU® has found its place on the heavy trucks and special vehicles market”, say Timo Korhonen and Petri Kananen, the executive duo driving the growth of Sisu Auto’s export business. They consider intellectual property, the SISU® brand and special expertise to be the company’s most significant assets. IPR partner Kolster’s valuation of the latest SISU GTP® product strengthens the company’s balance sheet and growth prospects. Read more


Finnish building technology company Allaway defeated Chinese brand hijackers with Kolster’s help

Allaway_lapsi imuroi_1629_16x9

Central vacuum cleaning system manufacturer Allaway upgraded its technology to the era of the industrial internet and is now striving for growth. The quality brand also attracted brand hijackers in China, but the challenges on the new market turned into growth opportunities with the help of IPR partner Kolster. Read more


A long legal battle pays off at last: Private individuals who abet the trade of counterfeit products can now be held liable

Schaeffler AG_kuulalaakeri_16x9

Kolster and German company Schaeffler persevered in a nine-year legal process against counterfeits trade. The end result is staggering: The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has decided that the use of private individuals as intermediaries in the supply chain of counterfeit products is as illegal as that of companies. Read more


Conenor’s innovations breathe new life into problematic plastic waste

Conenor_Suomen tuulivoimayhdistys_img_2426_16x9

Based in Orimattila, Finland, Conenor is set to solve the world's fibreglass waste problem. Thanks to the company’s innovative technology, non-recyclable fibreglass plastic waste can be transformed into new composite materials. IRP plays a key role in operations and licensing – "a zero can be added to the price when patents are in place", says Conenor CEO Markku VilkkiRead more


A large proportion of Finnish corona tests are performed with Mobidiag’s technology – IPR protect innovations

Mobidiag_Working with Amplidiag Easy_16x9

If you are suspected of being infected with coronavirus, you might be tested using technology rapidly launched by Mobidiag. The company is an expert in diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases, and carefully protects their innovations and R&D investments. The best protection is achieved by combining patents, trade secrets, and trademarks. Read more


Take a look at your wrist – it may contain hundreds of Polar patents


Everyone wants to develop. This insight has given rise to Polar, the everyday partner for active movers and athletes – and hundreds of unique innovations. Jyrki Schroderus, Director of Research and Technology at Polar Electro, knows brands and patents and can also demand the best from an IPR partner, as the doctor of philosophy in the field of physics is himself a former patent attorney. Read more


Zoy melts hearts with its patented sound jewellery technology


The start-up company Zoy developed the world’s first mechanically operated Soundlocket® sound jewellery technology that captures life’s meaningful moments from generation to generation. The company is boldly aiming at the global luxury jewellery market with protected technology and strong emotions as its strengths. Legal and IPR partner Kolster ensures that the big vision can come true. Read more


Cerenion harnessed artificial intelligence to measure brain function – patented invention onto the global market

Cerenion_brain monitoring with AI_patented tehcnology_16x9

Oulu-based startup company Cerenion’s C-Trend® medical device software makes it easy to interpret the EEG of intensive care patients. The company aims to license the brain function monitoring technology to major medical device manufacturers – with the help of IPR investments. Read more


From tickets to pulp bales and servers – Confidex is a global pioneer in remote tags

Confidex_RFID_kontaktiton matkalippu_16x9

Confidex got a first-class ticket into China when China’s Ministry of Railways wanted to use the contactless tickets of the Tampere-based product development team in train traffic. Efficient production and patented innovations in industrial remote tags set the company on a path to growth. Read more


Take-off to growth! Kide Science makes children excited about science in both Finland and China


Children were the first to get excited, then parents, then financiers. The children’s science educator Kide Science is internationalising rapidly – with China as the driver of growth and good IPR protection in its portfolio. Read more


Safety glass and windshields fresh out of the furnace! TaiFin Glass was born directly onto the global market

TaiFin Glass_architectural glass_16x9(1)

TaiFin Glass Machinery developed a unique production technology and specialty furnaces for tempering safety glass and bending windshields – and immediately hit the giant Chinese market with its first order. Read more


Finland and Novatron lead the digitalisation of the earthmoving industry – patents secure the leading position in the global market


The earthmoving industry is going through a transition, and the smart machine control systems developed by Novatron play an important role in the digitalisation of infrastructure construction sites. Read more


Towards cleaner air and better cars – Pegasor’s sensor technology and IPR portfolio are ready for major partnerships

Pegasor_pienhiukkasmittauksella vähempipäästöisiä autoja_16x9(1)

When a company possesses unique technology and strong patent protection, even a small business can become a global market leader.  Pegasor has already attracted the US-based CoorsTek as well as big names of the automotive industry from Japan and Germany as partners. Read more


Pike or barramundi? Rapala’s innovative lures attract fish and fishermen all over the world


Rapala, the world’s largest lure manufacturer, knows fish and is constantly innovating new products to the delight of fishermen. New innovations are now being fuelled by environmental issues. Read more


Patent portfolio attracted buyers and gave wings to new business − Ekahau is now using artificial intelligence to improve wireless networks

Ekahau Pro_16x9

When a secondary product turned out to sell better than the original business idea, Ekahau dared to change direction. A significant patent portfolio enabled the leap into new business and growth with the company's easy-to-use tools for designing and optimising wireless local area networks. Read more


Innovative Vauhti Speed patented new generation ski waxes ─ and jumped instantly to produce hand sanitiser for the needs of Finns

Vauhti Speed_Patentit_16x9_käsidesi

The ski wax company Vauhti Speed did not hesitate when new types of cleaner poducts were needed for the skin skis favoured by active skiers. As the COVID-19 expanded into a pandemic, the production line was harnessed for intensive hand sanitiser production. There is plenty of innovativeness for the upcoming ski season as well: the company will be the first to launch ski waxes based on new fluorine-free additives. Read more


Breakthrough with a combination of biodegradable glass fibre and plastic – Arctic Biomaterials is embarking on an ecological world conquest

Arctic Biomaterials_Patents_16x9

Did you know where in the world is the Silicon Valley of biodegradable medical implants? It is in Tampere, Finland. Arctic Biomaterials develops implants and ecological alternatives to traditional plastics there. The market is virtually unlimited – as long as the IP protection of inventions is in order for sure. Read more


Serial entrepreneur brought artificial intelligence to ski tracks, microwave ovens and the treatment of pain patients


Oulu-based entrepreneur Marko Höynälä intends to revolutionise the microwave oven market and cross-country skiing with his patented IoT inventions – while also making life easier in developing countries with his smart pain assessment device. Having founded three companies, he has learned that a technology startup needs the support of a strong patent partner. Read more


“Demand is fierce” − Aalto Haitek’s wave layered timber got a swift start from Toholampi to global metropolises

Aalto Haitek_Patents_16x9

Only three years after its foundation, Aalto Haitek is making a major international breakthrough. Its ecological wave layered timber and completely new construction technology are of interest worldwide. The journey to the global markets is being safeguarded by patent and trademark protection built at Kolster.  Read more


Menstrual cup developed by a doctor is the trump card of a two-person startup on the femtech market


Nonna Heiskanen, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, has a doctor’s heart, but the blood of an entrepreneur coursing through her veins. Nomai Oy, a startup founded by two health sector professionals, developed a menstrual cup designed to conquer the world. Kolster protects the efforts with trademarks and design rights. Read more


From a cap to a lifestyle brand! Tella is aiming to the international market


The manufacture of TELLA® artisan caps, which began a hundred years ago in Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland, transformed into an internationally growing lifestyle brand. The conquering of new markets is progressing in a promising way with brand protection carefully planned and targeted with Kolster’s trademark professionals. Read more


Helsinki is Juneyao Air's port to Europe – Kolster as its legal partner

Juneyao Air_Kolster Legal Services_16x9

The Chinese carrier Juneyao Air launched direct flights from Shanghai to Helsinki in 2019. Helsinki is the third home base of the airline company, alongside Shanghai and Nanjing, and serves as a gateway to Europe for this airline company, which carried 18 million passengers last year. Kolster is the legal partner of the fast growing airline. Read more


Polarmoss creates design products from reindeer moss – IPR secures growth in Asia and America


Reindeer moss is the gold of Hailuoto. Polarmoss transforms it into coloured interior decoration elements for the global design market. The journey of the design products from Hailuoto to the growth markets of Asia and America is secured by the IP protection of technical solutions and the brand. 
Read more


Maritime innovator Langh Group turned competitors into customers by patenting SOx scrubbers

Langh Ship_Patents_16x9

Langh Group is growing and solving its customers’ problems and aspirations for more environmentally friendly seafaring by patenting its cleantech innovations. Throughout its history, the business that started with industrial cleaning services and shipping has been built around practical inventions. The family company’s portfolio includes more than 200 patents. Read more


Textbook example of brand protection: Mobile app Hookle gains traction on international markets

Hookle Inc_Hookle App_Brand_16x9

A year ago, startup company Hookle patented its user-friendly mobile social marketing tool for small businesses and partnered with technology giant Google. Within a year, the Hookle®App has developed into a commercial product and a fresh brand with worldwide appeal. Kolster continues as the company’s partner in brand protection. Read more


VM-Asfaltti to patent a revolutionary method for precise patching of roads


In the 1990s, Marko Koivisto developed an asphalt patching method that became widely used. Because it was not patented, he did not benefit from his invention. Now wiser, Koivisto immediately turned to Kolster when he made his next patching invention. The patent for it is now pending. Read more


Gobbas Gård and Härmän Rati awarded innovation prize for their Finnish-made organic broad bean-based food product

Gåbbas Gård_Patents_16x9-1

Their domestically developed vegan food innovation is intended as a substitute for soya products and cream in professional catering. Finnish patent application has been filed by Kolster for the innovation. Read more


Montisera commercialises promising bioactive compounds – Montinutra revolutionises the circular bioeconomy


Will the innovations of the Turku-based Montisera cure alcoholism, Parkinson’s disease, lower urinary tract ailments and prostate cancer in the future? Will we have new Finnish export products made of spruce sawdust? The company further processes and commercialises some of the most interesting bioactive compounds of university research, and Kolster ensures that a high degree of refinement is also achieved in the IP portfolio. Read more


The University of Oulu protects its research results with diligence – creating new business through IPR

Oulun yliopisto_Patents_16x9

When measured by the number of invention reports, the University of Oulu is on par in innovation with US universities. The university’s research groups develop promising new technologies, creating new intellectual property and research-based companies. Kolster is a long-standing partner in protecting inventions. Read more


Utility model for hemp sauna – Lehtinen entrepreneur brothers invent as much as they have time from their work

Hamppusauna_Utility models_16x9

Erikoistyöt Lehtinen Oy from Kokkola in Finland has decided to make the most of both sauna bathing and the protection of their latest sauna invention. The hemp sauna developed by the entrepreneur brothers Ari and Jari Lehtinen was recently granted a utility model. Kolster serves as a sauna buddy in the protection. Read more


Idea-Keksi Oy refines innovations into products and reforms working methods


A multi-purpose work machine and antiskid technologies that have revolutionised environmental management services are hit products of Idea-Keksi Oy. The novelty searches and IP valuation carried out by Kolster have played an important role in their creation. Anything less than watertight product protection will not do for the productisation company. Read more


iLOQ brought locks to the digital age with patents


Could an electronic lock work with the electricity generated from the kinetic energy of the key? This pondering gave rise to the Finnish success story iLOQ. The company is a pioneer in its field with its self-powered, programmable and patented lock technology. Kolster has been a long-standing IP partner since the company’s early stages. Read more


Grip and glide! Vauhti Speed races to the global top of ski wax

Vauhti Speed_Patentit_16x9

Traditional ski wax company Vauhti Speed is going ahead at full speed. The cleaner and care products it developed for skin skis were recently patented in Finland. The products convinced ski giant Fischer, and patent partner Kolster is proudly following its ski champion’s grip and glide among the industry’s top companies. Read more


Amandan Healthcare developed the world’s healthiest shower


Panu Vapaavalta, an enthusiastic ice swimmer, became convinced about the benefits of the cold and came up with an idea about a health enhancing cold mist shower. The now IPR-protected Amandan® cold therapy method is ready to take an international growth leap, in which Kolster’s patent, trademark, and licensing professionals are a valued support. Read more

Digitizer of seafaring tamed the ionosphere with its patents

KNL Networks_Patents_16x9

KNL Networks, a startup company based in Oulu, is a forerunner in digitalizing seafaring. The company’s own field of specialization has been patented in cooperation with Kolster in a way that ensures freedom of operation and competitive edge in the heavily patented area of technology. 
Read more


Paint and coating brands in a managed way into trademark portfolio


The international paint manufacturer, Teknos, is enjoying huge growth. It is patiently building its IP strategy by trusting the strong experience of another traditional family-owned business, Kolster.  
Read more


IPR protect the innovations of a circular economy developer


Ductor, a biotech company, wishes to solve the big challenges the world is faced with: How to stop climate change, manage the ever-increasing waste problem, and secure food production in the future. IP partner Kolster has collaborated with Ductor from the very start and is now managing the company’s worldwide technology patents. Read more


Toyota's journey to the world’s most valuable car brand

Toyota_Arto Toivonen_Jyrki Mäkelä_16x9

Toyota has persistently fought against counterfeit products and trademark infringements, with particularly good results on the Finnish market. Close cooperation with the Customs and IP partner Kolster keep product counterfeiters and reputation free-riders at bay. Read more


Hookle patented a social media application and charmed Google

Hookle Team_Patents_16x9

The meeting room is filled with inspiration and hope as brothers Tero Seppälä and Jere Seppälä are envisioning the patenting strategy of their start-up company, Hookle, in cooperation with Kolster. The mobile application Hookle has already charmed the technology giant Google, and the patent application has progressed promisingly. Read more


The success of Plantui's smart gardens has its roots in IPR

Plantui_Rene Österman_Patents_16x9

The indoor growth method of plants and herbs, developed by Plantui Oy in Finland, is making a significant breakthrough in global markets. The world conquest of smart home gardens is boosted by a carefully built patent portfolio in cooperation with Kolster. Read more


Butter & Egg Spread makes history – European patent opens door to the world


At the end of July, Finnish egg producer Munax Oy was granted a Europe-wide patent for Laitilan Kanatarha’s Butter & Egg Spread (Munavoi). Kolster, an IP expert, was involved in the process from the very beginning. Read more


A glass artist aesthetised concrete and patented her method

Renata Jakowleff-Muotobetoni-Patents_16x9

Glass artist Renata Jakowleff busts myths about the aesthetics of concrete and the patenting possibilities in art industries. She is working determinedly on building her business internationally, and Kolster is a valuable IP and legal resource for her. Read more


Ponsse: The ultimate protection for forest machine innovations


Leading forest machine manufacturer Ponsse and IP expert Kolster have found common ground in the forest. Because harvesters and forwarders rumbling among the trees are a genuine hotbed of innovation, outstanding expertise in intellectual property (IP) rights is a must for their effective protection. Read more 


BookIT: New business with partnerships and licensing

BookIT_Jukka Salonen_Patents_16x9

Jukka Salonen, a cowboy of mobile digitisation, has mounted his horse in Texas to put BookIT and the entire Finnish patent license and partnership business on the road to growth. Kolster is partner in the field of IPR and international patenting. Read more 


Serres: IP is long-distance running

Mika Hagberg-Serres

Serres, a hospital technology enterprise from Finland has gained a strong foothold on global markets.
“In the IP and legal field, Kolster has shown its expertise. We have been presented with well-founded views on how to successfully run our business as regards protecting and defending our rights”, says CEO Mika Hagberg. Read more



Jukka Kohonen, Jokerit"Dozens of Finnish companies have joined the One Step Ahead in China project, which was launched by Jokerit with the purpose of exporting to the growing Chinese market. Jokerit chose Kolster as its partner with an eye on trademark and IP protection in particular. We hold Kolster’s solid practical experience and China Desk service in high regard." 


Harri Nylund, Lignell & Piispanen"Intense competition emphasises the importance of brand, design, and registered product names. We rely on Kolster's IP experts when it comes to brand protection and defence. We've received efficient and professional service as well as new ideas and perspectives. Those Have you thought of this -kind of suggestions have been extremely valuable to us."



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