Our clients are innovative leaders

Our clients are leaders in their own fields — domestic start-up companies and SMEs, major global companies, universities and organisations, as well as private individuals. Our long-term client relationships are an indication of the quality of our service and of the trust that we enjoy.


VM-Asfaltti to patent a revolutionary method for precise patching of roads

VM-Asfaltti_asphalt patching method

In the 1990s, Marko Koivisto developed an asphalt patching method that became widely used. Because it was not patented, he did not benefit from his invention. Now wiser, Koivisto immediately turned to Kolster when he made his next patching invention. The patent for it is now pending.

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Gobbas Gård and Härmän Rati awarded innovation prize for their Finnish-made organic broad bean-based food product

Härkäpapu_Gåbbas Gård luomutila

Their domestically developed vegan food innovation is intended as a substitute for soya products and cream in professional catering. Finnish patent application has been filed by Kolster for the innovation.

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Montisera commercialises promising bioactive compounds – Montinutra revolutionises the circular bioeconomy

Montisera commercialises promising bioactive compoundsWill the innovations of the Turku-based Montisera cure alcoholism, Parkinson’s disease, lower urinary tract ailments and prostate cancer in the future? Will we have new Finnish export products made of spruce sawdust? The company further processes and commercialises some of the most interesting bioactive compounds of university research, and Kolster ensures that a high degree of refinement is also achieved in the IP portfolio.

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The University of Oulu protects its research results with diligence – creating new business through IPR

The University of Oulu - IPR
When measured by the number of invention reports, the University of Oulu is on par in innovation with US universities. The university’s research groups develop promising new technologies, creating new intellectual property and research-based companies. Kolster is a long-standing partner in protecting inventions.

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Utility model for hemp sauna – Lehtinen entrepreneur brothers invent as much as they have time from their work

Hemp sauna by Ari and Jari Lehtinen
Erikoistyöt Lehtinen Oy from Kokkola in Finland has decided to make the most of both sauna bathing and the protection of their latest sauna invention. The hemp sauna developed by the entrepreneur brothers Ari and Jari Lehtinen was recently granted a utility model. Kolster serves as a sauna buddy in the protection.

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Idea-Keksi Oy refines innovations into products and reforms working methods

Idea-Keksi Oy refines innovations into products
A multi-purpose work machine and antiskid technologies that have revolutionised environmental management services are hit products of Idea-Keksi Oy. The novelty searches and IP valuation carried out by Kolster have played an important role in their creation. Anything less than watertight product protection will not do for the productisation company.

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iLOQ brought locks to the digital age with patents

Could an electronic lock work with the electricity generated from the kinetic energy of the key? This pondering gave rise to the Finnish success story iLOQ. The company is a pioneer in its field with its self-powered, programmable and patented lock technology. Kolster has been a long-standing IP partner since the company’s early stages.

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Grip and glide! Vauhti Speed races to the global top of ski wax

Vauhti Speed_picture by Joona Kotilainen
Traditional ski wax company Vauhti Speed is going ahead at full speed. The cleaner and care products it developed for skin skis were recently patented in Finland. The products convinced ski giant Fischer, and patent partner Kolster is proudly following its ski champion’s grip and glide among the industry’s top companies.

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Oulu-based UROS rose to become a partner to the world’s giants in record time

The mobile services company UROS is building the IoT ecosystem of the future. The company has become a respected partner to the world’s largest telecom operators and technology giants – as well as being one of the biggest growth stories of the Finnish economy. The foundation for the growth is the strong patent portfolio built with Kolster.

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Amandan Healthcare developed the world’s healthiest shower

Amandan Healthcare - cold therapy method
Panu Vapaavalta, an enthusiastic ice swimmer, became convinced about the benefits of the cold and came up with an idea about a health enhancing cold mist shower. The now IPR-protected Amandan® cold therapy method is ready to take an international growth leap, in which Kolster’s patent, trademark, and licensing professionals are a valued support.

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Digitizer of seafaring tamed the ionosphere with its patents

Teemu Vanninen - Kyynel
KNL Networks, a startup company based in Oulu, is a forerunner in digitalizing seafaring. The company’s own field of specialization has been patented in cooperation with Kolster in a way that ensures freedom of operation and competitive edge in the heavily patented area of technology.

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Paint and coating brands in a managed way into trademark portfolio

The international paint manufacturer, Teknos, is enjoying huge growth. It is patiently building its IP strategy by trusting the strong experience of another traditional family-owned business, Kolster.   

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IPR protect the innovations of a circular economy developer

Ari Ketola_Ductor_Nina Virolainen_Kolster
Ductor, a biotech company, wishes to solve the big challenges the world is faced with: How to stop climate change, manage the ever-increasing waste problem, and secure food production in the future. IP partner Kolster has collaborated with Ductor from the very start and is now managing the company’s worldwide technology patents.

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Journey to the world’s most valuable car brand

Toyota_Arto Toivonen_Jyrki Mäkelä
Toyota has persistently fought against counterfeit products and trademark infringements, with particularly good results on the Finnish market. Close cooperation with the Customs and IP partner Kolster keep product counterfeiters and reputation free-riders at bay.

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Hookle patented a social media application and charmed Google

Hookle Inc
The meeting room is filled with inspiration and hope as brothers Tero Seppälä and Jere Seppälä are envisioning the patenting strategy of their start-up company, Hookle, in cooperation with Kolster. The mobile application Hookle has already charmed the technology giant Google, and the patent application has progressed promisingly.

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The success of smart gardens has its roots in IPR

Tj Rene Österman_Plantui_7:5
The indoor growth method of plants and herbs, developed by Plantui Oy in Finland, is making a significant breakthrough in global markets. The world conquest of smart home gardens is boosted by a carefully built patent portfolio in cooperation with Kolster. 

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Fashion IP rights in good hands

Jani Kaulo, Kolster and Tia Matthews, SagaFurs
The fur auction house Saga Furs brand faces constant attempts at unauthorised exploitation on the Chinese market. In such situations, the company comes out on top thanks to a solid IP strategy. This is ensured by close a cooperation with Kolster.

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Butter & Egg Spread makes history – European patent opens door to the world

At the end of July, Finnish egg producer Munax Oy was granted a Europe-wide patent for Laitilan Kanatarha’s Butter & Egg Spread (Munavoi). Kolster, an IP expert, was involved in the process from the very beginning.

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A glass artist aesthetised concrete and patented her method

Renata Jakowleff

Glass artist Renata Jakowleff busts myths about the aesthetics of concrete and the patenting possibilities in art industries. She is working determinedly on building her business internationally, and Kolster is a valuable IP and legal resource for her.

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The ultimate protection for forest machine innovations

Leading forest machine manufacturer Ponsse and IP expert Kolster have found common ground in the forest. Because harvesters and forwarders rumbling among the trees are a genuine hotbed of innovation, outstanding expertise in intellectual property (IP) rights is a must for their effective protection.

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New business with partnerships and licensing

Jukka Salonen, BookIT
Jukka Salonen, a cowboy of mobile digitisation, has mounted his horse in Texas to put BookIT and the entire Finnish patent license and partnership business on the road to growth. Kolster is partner in the field of IPR and international patenting.

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IP is long-distance running

Mika Hagberg, Serres
Serres, a hospital technology enterprise from Finland has gained a strong foothold on global markets.
“In the IP and legal field, Kolster has shown its expertise. We have been presented with well-founded views on how to successfully run our business as regards protecting and defending our rights”, says CEO Mika Hagberg.

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Juha Huttunen, Saga Furs"Saga Furs has long been cooperating with Kolster’s trademark, design and domain name experts in order to protect and defend our brand globally. We have particularly benefited from Kolster’s special expertise on Asia as 80 % of all challenges concern Asia. When registering a trademark in China, for example, you must be familiar with the distinctive names and subclasses of goods and services approved by the Chinese registration authority, to be sure there will be no gaps in the protection because of your lack of knowledge. " 


Jukka Kohonen, Jokerit"Dozens of Finnish companies have joined the One Step Ahead in China project, which was launched by Jokerit with the purpose of exporting to the growing Chinese market. Jokerit chose Kolster as its partner with an eye on trademark and IP protection in particular. We hold Kolster’s solid practical experience and China Desk service in high regard." 


Harri Nylund, Lignell & Piispanen"Intense competition emphasises the importance of brand, design, and registered product names. We rely on Kolster's IP experts when it comes to brand protection and defence. We've received efficient and professional service as well as new ideas and perspectives. Those Have you thought of this -kind of suggestions have been extremely valuable to us."





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