Localisation of trademarks and domain names for the Chinese market

Protect your brand on the Chinese market

If your business is expanding into the Chinese market, it is important to register trademarks and domain names in Chinese characters in good time. This will avoid the appearance of a loosely copied Chinese equivalent to the name of your company, product or service, registered by a local player in its own name.

"The holder of the Chinese trademark will benefit if the markets confuse the trademarks with each other. Challenging this in retrospect is almost impossible for western SMEs. For a company to gain the best commercial benefit from its brands, western and Chinese characters should be systematically used together," comments Partner Jani Kaulo at Kolster.

Trademark and domain name for the Chinese market from 3,300 euros

  • We will choose Chinese-language alternatives, after checking their eligibility for registration as both a trademark and domain name.
  • We will give our own recommendation and explain the key content of the different options.
  • We will handle the registration of the selected Chinese-character trademark as both a trademark and domain name.
  • We will make the trademark application and domain name registration using the two most common Chinese endings.公司 (=.com) and .中国 (=.cn).

More information: Partner Jani Kaulo jani.kaulo@kolster.fi, tel. +358 20 1370606

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